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San Juan National Forest Re-opened

The Stage 3 fire and access restrictions to the San Juan National Forest have been rolled back to a Stage 2 condition which means access to the forest is once more open to the public. However, fire conditions still remain high and we are currently in the middle of a strong heat wave. Consult current regulations with the San Juan NF before planning any trips. Fines for violations are significant. 


We have never actually hiked this trail, so no first hand beta on it. The trail gains about 2,500 feet in elevation over about 4 miles to Cataract Lake. It still shows as a designated trail on the latest Gunnison NF map.


Camping may be found near the lake or in the broad tundra meadows above the lake. In previous years, large herds of sheep were found grazing in the vicinity. You may encounter shepherds. Be prepared to filter water.

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