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From the Town of Gunnison: Turn north at the center of town on HWY 135. Pass through Almont and continue toward Crested Butte. About 2 miles before reaching the town, turn right onto CR738 which also becomes FR738. This is locally known as the "Pearl Pass Road." The road starts out paved, then changes to graded gravel. It initially passes through a subdivision. Before turning off the highway, you'll have outstanding views of Teocalli Mtn. Passenger cars can make it in the first 4 - 5 miles to a little past the junction where the East River comes in. Just before FR 738 begins to gain elevation, and shortly after FR738.2A turns off for West Brush Creek, there is a primitive camp area on the right. Passenger cars should be parked here. If not parking a passenger car, turn left onto FR738.2A which heads NE on higher slopes above West Brush Creek. The road turns a more northerly direction after about half a mile and then stays well above West Brush Creek for the next mile and a half before dropping down to and crossing the creek. There is a good campsite here.

Continue on the east side of the creek now for another 2.2 miles appx. to the end of the road. There is no formal parking area - just a grassy, open knoll after climbing steeply up a section of road that passes through willows. This last two miles will be the slowest mainly because of potholes. We did not find too many rocky obstacles on a drive up here in 2011, but some minor drainage crossings proved to offer some clearance problems. Much of the 4 mile drive in passes through open, grassy terrain.

It should be noted that this trailhead can also serve as a TH for Teocalli. A trail which does not show on either the USGS quad, or the Guinnison NF map, heads east from the parking area to the south ridge of Teocalli ("Teocalli Ridge" on the USGS map) and crosses the ridge at 11,100 ft. Head north from that saddle for an easy Class 2 hike to the summit on a trail that eventually fades away below some minor cliff bands.

Campsite Locations

Campsite #1 ›
Shortly past where FR738.2A turns off from FR738 (The Pearl Pass Road), there is a frequently used primitive camp area on the right.
Campsite #2 ›
Is a little over 2 miles in on FR738.2A (the West Brush Creek Road) and comes just before the road crosses from the west side to the east side of West Brush Creek.
Campsite #3 ›
At about 9,900 feet elevation, before the West Brush Creek road makes its final climb to the TH. Select your own primitive site somewhere in this vicinity.
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