Designated Camping regulations around Crested Butte

These regulations have been implemented for designated camping around Crested Butte. Dispersed camping is no longer allowed in certain areas. Check out this link: GMUG regulations


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About our maps: The majority of GPS coordinates offered have not been “field” tested. They are taken from Google Earth and are mostly offered to help you locate the summits. If you find a coordinate set that’s significantly off, alert us and we will change accordingly. We never used GPS to climb any of the peaks on this site. Mileages are only estimates for planning purposes. Elevation gains as well. They may be off by a few hundred feet in some cases. Google Earth images are not that detailed. You may find cliffs and technical sections where the images make it look like a cake walk. Maps provided may have errors or outdated data as well. Routes drawn on maps are approximations only and do not represent a GPS track to follow. They are only intended to offer general guidance.

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Now go out, climb a mountain and have some fun!

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