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Passenger Car Accessible 13er Trailheads

Trailhead Name Elevation Camping Range Accessible Peaks
Alpine Gulch - Henson Creek 8,985' No nocamping San Juan UN 13180 B
Alvarado Campground TH 9,060' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo Venable Peak    Comanche Peak    Spring Mountain
Andrews Lake 10,815' camping-yes San Juan Twilight Peak    South Twilight Peak    Snowdon Peak    North Twilight Peak    West Needle Mountain    N 2
Baldwin Creek 9,540' camping-yes Sawatch Cronin Peak    Cronin Peak    UN 13712    Mount White    Carbonate Mountain    Mount Mamma    Jones Peak    Cyclone Mountain    Boulder Mountain
Beaver Creek Ski Area 8,200' No nocamping Sawatch Mount Jackson    UN 13433
Bighorn Creek 8,620' No nocamping Gore Keller Mountain    North Traverse Peak
Blue Lakes - Monte Cristo Ck. 11,700' camping-yes Tenmile Fletcher Mountain
Blue Lakes TH - Mt. Sneffels 9,350' camping-yes San Juan S 4
Blue Lakes Trailhead - Trinchera/Cuatro 10,550' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo Drift Peak    Trinchera Peak    Cuatro Peak    Leaning South Peak
Boren Creek TH 9,300' camping-yes San Juan Babcock Peak
Brainard Lakes - Long Lake TH 10,530' camping-yes Front Apache Peak    Navajo Peak
Brainard Lakes - Mitchell Lake TH 10,525' camping-yes Front Paiute Peak
Buffalo Mtn. - Lily Pad Lake TH 9,775' No nocamping Gore Red Peak B
Cataract Gulch 9,660' camping-yes San Juan
Cathedral Lake Trailhead 9,910' camping-yes Elks Cathedral Peak    Electric Pass Peak
Chicago Lakes - Mt. Evans Wilderness 10,620' camping-yes Front Mount Spalding    Gray Wolf Mountain
Clinton Reservoir 11,125' No nocamping Tenmile Bartlett Mountain
Copper Mountain 9,815' No nocamping Gore Jacque Peak
Cross Mtn. Trail - Lizard Head 10,050' camping-yes San Juan Lizard Head
Culebra Peak Access - Cielo Vista 9,100' No nocamping Sangre de Cristo Red Mountain    Vermejo Peak    Purgatoire Peak    UN 13565    Miranda Peak     Alamosito    De Anza B    UN 13229    Beaubien Peak    Francisco Peak    Lomo Liso Mountain
Cumberland Pass 12,035' camping-yes Sawatch Fitzpatrick Peak
Cunningham Creek - Silverton 10,460' camping-yes San Juan Kendall Peak    Mountaineer Peak    Little Giant Peak    Mount Rhoda    UN 13109
Deluge Lake/Gore Creek TH 8,710' camping-yes Gore Mount Silverthorne    Mount Valhalla    Grand Traverse Peak    Snow Peak
Denny Creek/Mt. Yale 9,920' camping-yes Sawatch Mascot Peak
Dry Gulch 10,630' No nocamping Front The Citadel
Ducket Creek 8,740' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo
East Willow Creek ' No nocamping San Juan Phoenix Peak    La Garita Peak
East/Little Cimarron Trail 9,715' camping-yes San Juan Sheep Mountain C    UN 13100 A
Echo Canyon - SH 82 9,990' camping-yes Sawatch Bull Hill
Eisenhower Tunnel West Side 11,140' No nocamping Front Hagar Mountain    Golden Bear Peak
Fairview Peak South Ridge 11,440' camping-yes Sawatch Fairview Peak
Fish Creek - Dolores & Middle Peaks 10,195' camping-yes San Juan Middle Peak    Dolores Peak
Fourmile-Leavick 11,250' camping-yes Mosquito Horseshoe Mountain    Dyer Mountain    Mount Sheridan
Fourth of July/ 10,130' camping-yes Front North Arapaho Peak    South Arapaho Peak    Kiowa Peak    Arikaree Peak    Old Baldy
Garden Basin Trailhead 10,835' camping-yes Sawatch Mount Kreutzer    Chalk Rock Mountain
Gibson Creek TH 9,130' No nocamping Sangre de Cristo Electric Peak A    Gibbs Peak    Silver Peak    Cotton King Peak    Mount Marcy    De Anza Peak A
Glacier Gorge - RMNP 9,185' camping-yes Front Chiefs Head Peak    Pagoda Mountain    McHenrys Peak    Powell Peak    Taylor Peak B
Gold Creek - Lamphier Lake TH 10,075' camping-yes Sawatch Henry Mountain
Green Timber Gulch TH 10,290' camping-yes Sawatch UN 13317    UN 13078
Guanella Pass 11,630' camping-yes Front Mount Spalding    Gray Wolf Mountain
Half Moon - Fall Creek 10,340' camping-yes Sawatch Holy Cross Ridge    UN 13768    UN 13248    Notch Mountain
Hancock Lake TH 11,060' camping-yes Sawatch Monumental Peak    Hancock Peak
Herman Gulch/Watrous Gulch TH 10,310' No nocamping Front Bard Peak    Mount Parnassus    Pettingell Peak
Hoosier Pass 11,545' camping-yes Front Mount Silverheels    North Star Mountain    Hoosier Ridge    Red Mountain C
Hope Gulch Trailhead 9,935' camping-yes Sawatch UN 13626
Horn Peaks and Fluted TH 9,100' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo Mount Adams    Colony Baldy    Fluted Peak    Horn Peak    Little Horn Peak
Idarado Mine - Red Mtn. Pass 10,650' camping-yes San Juan Telluride Peak    T 7    T 8
Independence Pass 12,093' camping-yes Sawatch Twining Peak    UN 13500    Mountain Boy Peak
Iowa Gulch - Leadville 11,650' No nocamping Mosquito Dyer Mountain
Ironton Park TH 9,750' camping-yes San Juan Hayden Mountain, South    Hayden Mountain, North
Jefferson Lake 10,700' camping-yes Front Whale Peak
Jonesy Gulch TH 10,550' camping-yes Sawatch Gladstone Ridge
Kendall Mountain 12,260' camping-yes San Juan Kendall Mountain
Kite Lake - Mosquito Range 12,020' No nocamping Mosquito Mount Buckskin
Lilypad Lake/Fryingpan Lakes TH 9,990' camping-yes Sawatch Wayah Peak    UN 13212
Longs Peak 9,400' camping-yes Front Mount Meeker    Mount Lady Washington
Lost Man Trailhead 10,540' camping-yes Sawatch Williams Mountain    Williams Mtn. South A    Williams Mtn South B    Williams Mtn. North    Williams Mtn. South C    UN 13026    UN 13003
Loveland Pass 11,990' camping-yes Front Grizzly Peak    Mount Sniktau     Cupid
Maroon Lake TH 9,600' camping-yes Elks Thunder Pyramid    Lightning Pyramid    UN13631 B    Sleeping Sexton    Buckskin Benchmark    UN 13336    UN 13039    UN 13020 A
Marshall Pass 10,840' camping-yes Sawatch Ouray, Mount
McCullough Gulch 11,040' camping-yes Tenmile Pacific Peak    Crystal Peak    Atlantic Peak
Missouri Lakes - Fancy Lake TH 10,025' camping-yes Sawatch Whitney Peak    Fancy Peak    Savage Peak
Molas Pass - Elk Park Trailhead 10,630' camping-yes San Juan Vestal Peak    Trinity Peak    Arrow Peak    West Trinity    East Trinity    Graystone Peak    Electric Peak B    Mount Garfield
Mosquito Pass TH (East) 11,520' camping-yes Mosquito Mount Arkansas    Mount Tweto    Mount Evans B    London Mountain
Mosquito Pass TH (West) 11,200' camping-yes Mosquito Mosquito Peak    Treasurevault Mountain    Mount Evans B    Kuss Peak
Mt. Evans Road - Summit Lake 12,830' camping-yes Front Mount Spalding    Gray Wolf Mountain    Rosalie Peak     Epaulie    Rogers Peak    Mount Warren
North Fork Lake Creek 10,794' camping-yes Sawatch Lackawanna Peak    Deer Mountain    UN 13736    Mount Champion    K 49    UN 13300 B    UN 13202
Paradise Pass/Yule Pass TH 11,330' camping-yes Elks
Pennsylvania Mtn Trailhead 11,710' No nocamping Mosquito Pennsylvania Mountain
Piney River Ranch 9,360' camping-yes Gore Mount Powell    Eagles Nest    Peak G    Peak C
Pitkin Lake TH - Gore Range 8,450' No nocamping Gore Peak Z / 'Gorgeous Peak'    Peak Q/"Prisoner Peak"    Mount Solitude    Peak X    East Partner Peak    West Partner Peak
Ptarmigan Lake - Cottonwood Pass 10,700' camping-yes Sawatch Jones Mountain
Rainbow Lake TH 11,060' camping-yes Elks West Elk Peak
Red Mountain Pass - Black Bear Pass Access 11,075' camping-yes San Juan UN 13510 B (G&M)    Formerly T11    Three Needles    T 10    Trico Peak    UN 13159
Roaring Fork River TH 11,506' camping-yes Sawatch Geissler Mountain East    Geissler Mountain, West    UN 13001
Rock Creek 9,465' camping-yes Gore Keller Mountain
Rockdale/Clohesy Lake 9,940' camping-yes Sawatch Emerald Peak    Silver King Peak/Magdalene Mtn.
Rustler Gulch 9,716' camping-yes Elks Precarious Peak    Golden Tops    Belleview Mountain    Cassi Peak    UN 13180 A    UN 13130
Saddle Creek - Conejos TH 11,150' camping-yes San Juan Conejos Peak
San Juaquin S and W Ridge 10,300' camping-yes San Juan Silver Mountain B    San Joaquin Ridge
Savage Lakes-Carter Lake & Creek 9,900' camping-yes Sawatch
Sheep Ck-Deep Ck Trailhead 9,100' camping-yes San Juan Mears Peak    S 6    S 8    S 7    S 9
Sheep Gulch Trailhead 9,900' camping-yes Sawatch Mount Hope    Quail Mountain
Silver Dollar/Naylor Lakes TH #79 11,200' camping-yes Front Mount Wilcox
Snowmass Creek TH 8,400' camping-yes Elks Clark Peak    UN 13244    Willoughby Mountain    UN 13060 A
South Fork Rock Creek 11,185' camping-yes San Juan Bennett Peak
South Mineral CK. CG & Ice Lake Basin 9,845' camping-yes San Juan Ulysses S. Grant Peak    Pilot Knob    V 4    V 2
South Zapata Creek 9,075' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo UN 13660 A    Twin Peaks A    UN 13577
Spring Creek Pass - Snow Mesa TH 10,900' camping-yes San Juan UN 13510 A (G&M)    Baldy Cinco    Baldy no es Cinco    UN 13162 A
St. Mary's Lake/Glacier 10,400' No nocamping Front James Peak
Sultan - Grand Turk TH 10,470' No nocamping San Juan Sultan Mountain    Grand Turk
Taylor River TH 10,780' camping-yes Elks Star Peak    Taylor Peak A
Thirtymile Campground 9,330' camping-yes San Juan Rio Grande Pyramid    "Fools Pyramid"    UN 13261    Window Peak    UN 13017    Chief Mountain    UN 13010 B
Treasure Creek Trailhead 10,950' camping-yes San Juan Summit Peak    Montezuma Peak    The Unicorn
Turner Peak TH 11,200' camping-yes Sawatch Turner Peak
West Spanish Peak TH 11,250' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo West Spanish Peak
Wheeler Lake-Montgomery Reservoir 10,970' No nocamping Mosquito Clinton Peak    Wheeler Mountain
Wild Basin - Bluebird Lake RMNP 8,500' camping-yes Front Mount Alice    Copeland Mountain    Ogalalla Peak    Isolation Peak
Wild Cherry Creek 8,450' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo Mount Owen
Willis Gulch/Lake 9,285' camping-yes Sawatch Rinker Peak
Woods Lake TH 9,410' camping-yes San Juan Woods Peak
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