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4x4 (Only) Accessible 13er Trailheads

Trailhead Name Elevation Camping Range Accessible Peaks
American Flats TH 12,415' camping-yes San Juan Wildhorse Peak    Darley Mountain    UN 13132    Cow Benchmark    Blackwall Mountain
Bear Creek/Hunchback Pass/Kite Lake 11,800' camping-yes San Juan Jagged Mountain    Storm King Peak     "Sceptor"    Grizzly Peak C    Mount Oso    Peak Seven    Mount Silex    White Dome    The Guardian    Peak One    Greylock Mountain    McCauley Peak    Peak Eleven    Leviathan Peak    Peak Three    Peak Two    Ute Ridge    Vallecito Mountain    Peak Ten    Mount Soso    Peak Nine    UN 13342    UN 13340 A (G&M)    UN 13310    UN 13308    P 2    P 3/UN13300 D    Knife Point    UN 13230    UN 13222 B    Weminuche Peak    Irving Peak    Mount Nebo    Mount Valois    UN 13169    Hunchback Mountain    Peters Peak    UN 13121 A    UN 13110
Brook Creek Trailhead - SdC 9,140' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo Bushnell Peak    Twin Sisters, North
Brush Creek Trailhead 9,035' camping-yes Gore Peak L    Peak N
Buffalo Peaks Mine 11,400' No nocamping Mosquito West Buffalo Peak    East Buffalo Peak
Carson Pass TH 12,370' camping-yes San Juan Half Peak    Pole Creek Mountain    Quarter Peak    Northwest Pole    Carson Peak    UN 13581    UN 13580 A    Cataract Peak    Tundra Top    Bent Peak    Coney Benchmark    UN 13260 D
Cement Creek - Italian Mtn TH 10,780' camping-yes Elks Italian Mountain
Cinnamon Pass 12,640' camping-yes San Juan Animas Forks Mountain     UN13,708    UN 13688 B    Wood Mountain    UN 13540 B    UN 13427    Cinnamon Mountain    C.T. Peak/UN 13312 A
Cinnamon Pass - UN13,535 Access 12,640' camping-yes San Juan UN 13535
Crystal Townsite 8,965' camping-yes Elks Treasure Mountain    Treasury Mountain
Cuba Gulch 10,715' camping-yes San Juan UN 13164
Emma Burr/Mirror Lake 11,185' camping-yes Sawatch Emma Burr Mountain    Tincup Peak
Endlich Mesa Trailhead 11,290' camping-yes San Juan Aztec Mountain    Amherst Mountain    Peak Twenty Two    Sheep Mountain D    Organ Mountain B
Engineer - Seigal Mtns. TH 12,590' camping-yes San Juan Seigal Mountain    Engineer Mountain
Frenchman Creek 10,320' camping-yes Sawatch UN 13374
Geneva Lake TH #1973 9,685' camping-yes Elks Hagerman Peak    Siberia Peak
Gray Copper Pass 11,635' camping-yes San Juan Brown Mountain
Hermit Pass Road 11,970' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo Rito Alto Peak    Peak of the Clouds    Eureka Mountain    Spread Eagle Peak    Hermit Peak    UN 13122    UN13062 B/"Alto Peak"    UN 13060 B    "Pyramid Mountain"    UN 13028
Imogene Pass/Tomboy TH 11,300' camping-yes San Juan T 5    Chicago Peak    Tomboy Peak
Lincoln Gulch - Grizzly Reservoir TH #1 10,570' camping-yes Sawatch UN 13460    Tabor Peak
Lincoln Gulch - Grizzly Reservoir TH #2 10,570' camping-yes Sawatch Grizzly Peak A    Garfield Peak    Anderson Peak    Petroleum Peak    Truro Peak    West Truro    UN 13090
Loch Lomond 11,220' camping-yes Front James Peak
Maggie Gulch 11,500' camping-yes San Juan UN 13069
Mary Alice Creek TH 10,655' camping-yes San Juan UN 13300 C    UN 13201
Medano Lake Trailhead 9,685' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo Mount Herard    Medano Peak
Mt. Maxwell Trailhead 11,730' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo Mariquita Peak    Mount Maxwell
Music Pass 10,680' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo Pico Aislado    Tijeras Peak    Milwaukee Peak    Cleveland Peak    UN 13401    UN 13384    Music Mountain    Marble Mountain    Dead Man Peak
Nellie Ck - Uncompahgre Peak 11,425' camping-yes San Juan Silver Mountain A    UN 13681    UN 13158    UN 13106    UN 13091    UN 13051    UN 13016
New York Mountain 11,210' camping-yes Sawatch Finnegan Peak
North Fork Reservoir ' camping-yes Sawatch Grizzly Mountain    Pomeroy Mountain    UN 13147    UN 13070
North Halfmoon Creek 10,560' camping-yes Sawatch Mount Oklahoma
Ophir Pass 11,790' camping-yes San Juan Lookout Peak
S. Rock Creek - SdC 9,700' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo Hunts Peak
Sayres Gulch 11,010' camping-yes Sawatch Lake Fork Peak    UN 13295
Silver Lake - Cloverdale Basin 11,300' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo Cottonwood Peak    Lakes Peak    Eagle Peak    UN 13123 B
Slide Lake - Homestake Peak 11,540' camping-yes Sawatch Homestake Peak
South Fork Lake Creek TH #2 11,280' camping-yes Sawatch Prize Benchmark    Booby Prize/UN 13312 C    Middle Mountain A
South Mineral CK. - Clear Lake 11,985' camping-yes San Juan South Lookout Peak    "Middle Point"    V 5
South Mineral Creek South Fork 10,700' camping-yes San Juan Rolling Mountain    V 10    Twin Sisters East    Twin Sisters, West    V 9    V 7
Tellurium Creek 11,400' camping-yes Sawatch Tellurium Peak    West Tellurium
West Brush Creek TH - Elk Mtns. 10,085' camping-yes Elks White Rock Mountain    White Benchmark    Teocalli Mountain
West Fork Cimarron River 10,750' camping-yes San Juan Coxcomb Peak     Redcliff    Fortress Peak    Precipice Peak
West Willow CK - San Luis Pass - Creede 11,500' camping-yes San Juan UN 13300    UN 13180    UN 13155    UN 13111    Baldy Lejos    UN 13034    UN 13020
Yankee Boy Basin - Governor Basin Road 10,800' camping-yes San Juan T 5
Yankee Boy Basin - Mt. Sneffles Trailhead 11,380' No nocamping San Juan Teakettle Mountain    Potosi Peak    Gilpin Peak    Cirque Mountain    Mount Emma
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