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Sawatch Range 13er Trailheads // Colorado 13ers

Trailhead Name Elevation Camping Vehicle Access Accessible Peaks
Baldwin Creek 9,440' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Boulder Mountain
Beaver Creek Ski Area 8,200' No nocamping Passenger Car2037278 Mount Jackson    UN 13433
Clear Creek/Winfield/Apostles 10,540' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 West Apostle    UN 13517    Pear Peak    UN 13462 A (G&M)
Cree Creek - Taylor Mtn. Trailhead 11,680' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 Mount Aetna    Taylor Mountain
Denny Creek/Mt. Yale 9,920' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Mascot Peak
Eagle Lake - Lime Creek TH 9,400' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 UN 13100 B    Ribbed Peak
Echo Canyon - SH 82 9,990' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Bull Hill
Emma Burr/Mirror Lake 11,185' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Emma Burr Mountain    Tincup Peak
Fairview Peak South Ridge 11,440' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Fairview Peak
Fulford Cave - Lake Charles Trailhead 9,440' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 Gold Dust Peak    Pika Peak
Independence Pass 12,093' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Twining Peak    UN 13500
Lincoln Gulch - Grizzly Reservoir TH #1 10,570' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 UN 13460    Tabor Peak
Lincoln Gulch - Grizzly Reservoir TH #2 10,570' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Grizzly Peak A    Garfield Peak    Anderson Peak    Petroleum Peak    Truro Peak    West Truro    UN 13090
Lost Man Trailhead 10,540' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Williams Mountain    Williams Mtn. South A    Williams Mtn South B    Williams Mtn. North    Williams Mtn. South C
Marshall Pass 10,840' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Ouray, Mount
New York Mountain 11,210' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Finnegan Peak
North Fork Clear Creek - Winfield 10,600' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 Mount Blaurock    Ervin Peak    UN 13232 A
North Fork Lake Creek 10,794' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Lackawanna Peak    Deer Mountain    UN 13736    Mount Champion    K 49    UN 13300 B    UN 13202
North Halfmoon Creek 10,560' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Mount Oklahoma
Pieplant 10,295' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 Jenkins Mountain    Grizzly Peak E    UN 13140 B
Roaring Fork River TH 11,506' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Geissler Mountain East    Geissler Mountain, West    UN 13001
Savage Lakes-Carter Lake & Creek 9,900' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278
Sayres Gulch 11,010' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Lake Fork Peak    UN 13295
Sheep Gulch Trailhead 9,900' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Quail Mountain
South Fork Lake Creek TH #1 10,560' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 Sayres Benchmark    UN13,460 East
South Fork Lake Creek TH #2 11,280' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Prize Benchmark    Booby Prize/UN 13312 C    Middle Mountain A
South Halfmoon Creek 10,290' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 French Mountain    Casco Peak    Frasco Benchmark
Willis Gulch/Lake 9,285' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Rinker Peak
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