From Leadville, take US 24 south past the turnoff for Twin Lakes/Aspen (CO82) and continue to the turnoff on the right (west) for CR390 that provides access to Clear Creek Reservoir, Vicksburg & Winfield. Continue on US 24 south from this intersection and measure 2.2 miles to another county road #388 that turns off to the right (west.) Turn here. Coordinates are: N 39° 00' 09.70" W 106° 14' 10.90" at 8760 ft. elevation.

From Buena Vista and the main intersection on US 24 and CR306 to Cottonwood Pass, drive north on US 24 between12.9 to 13.0 miles and turn left onto CR388.

Once on CR388, follow the main road south, then SW when it bears left. The road then climbs uphill on 2 wide curves and then straightens out as it continues eastward. Do not turn right at the first opportunity. Drive a little more east to where the road makes a 90° turn right. Follow it south, then it makes another broad turn back to the NE, followed by another broad curve that will eventually have you heading south to the trailhead parking. Do not turn off onto any other roads. All others are private. A higher clearance vehicle will be preferred to reach the trailhead. If in a lower clearance passenger car, you may need to park lower down. From the US24/CR388 intersection, it's between .7 and .8 mile to the trailhead.


Because of private property, there's really not any good camping at the trailhead. The closest place available is back at the Clear Creek Reservoir where there's camping around the reservoir or west up the road to Vicksburg. Summer weekends can make finding a camp spot difficult. The closest National Forest campgrounds will be back on CO82 around the Twin Lakes area.

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