High Clearance Accessible 13er Trailheads

Trailhead Name Elevation Camping Range Accessible Peaks
Antora Peak - Bonanza TH 10,705' camping-yes Sawatch Antora Peak
Boreas Pass 11,500' camping-yes Front Bald Mountain    Boreas Mountain
Boulder Gulch - Silverton 9,570' camping-yes San Juan Storm Peak
Box Factory Park 9,280' camping-yes San Juan "The Corpse" & mistakenly identified as S 10
Bridal Veil Basin TH 10,380' No nocamping San Juan Wasatch Mountain    La Junta Peak    Formerly UN 13145
Burns Gulch 10,790' camping-yes San Juan Jones Mountain (A)    Niagara Peak    American Peak
California - Placer Gulch TH 11,590' camping-yes San Juan Hanson Peak    Tuttle Mountain    Formerly UN 13075    Houghton Mountain
Capitol Creek TH 9,400' No nocamping Elks Mount Daly
Castle Ck./Castle Pk. 10,200' camping-yes Elks Foremerly UN 13,803    Pearl Mountain    Malemute Peak    Formerly UN 13312 B
Chapin Pass TH - RMNP 11,040' camping-yes Front Hagues Peak    Ypsilon Mountain    Fairchild Mountain    Mummy Mountain    Mount Chiquita
Clear Creek/Winfield/Apostles 10,540' camping-yes Sawatch Ice Mountain    "North Apostle"    West Apostle    Browns Peak    Formerly UN 13,517    Previously UN 13462 A (G&M)    Formerly UN 13462    (Formerly UN 13235)    Formerly UN13253    Formerly UN13255    Formerly UN 13140 A    Virginia Peak
Columbine Lake #509 10,305' camping-yes San Juan Formerly UN 13159
Cooper Creek 10,640' camping-yes San Juan Formerly UN 13,691    Formerly UN 13,688 A    Formerly UN 13,566
Cree Creek - Taylor Mtn. Trailhead 11,680' camping-yes Sawatch Mount Aetna    Taylor Mountain
Durango Ski Mtn. - Cascade Creek 11,230' camping-yes San Juan Grizzly Peak B
Eagle Lake - Lime Creek TH 9,400' camping-yes Sawatch Formerly UN 13100 A    Formerly UN 13085 A    Eagle Peak
East Fork (Crystal River) TH 10,425' camping-yes Elks Formerly UN 13062 A
Eddiesville South - Cochetopa Ck 10,360' No nocamping San Juan UN 13408    Formerly UN 13015
Eider Creek TH 9,140' camping-yes San Juan T 0
Eureka Gulch - Lake Emma TH 12,030' camping-yes San Juan Bonita Peak
Fall River Reservoir 10,760' camping-yes Front Parry Peak    James Peak    Mount Flora    Mount Eva
FR751 Peaks 9 & 10 9,690' No nocamping Tenmile Peak 10    Peak 9
Fulford Cave - Lake Charles Trailhead 9,440' camping-yes Sawatch Gold Dust Peak    Pika Peak
Georgia Pass 11,585' camping-yes Front Mount Guyot
Grizzly Gulch - Silver Ck TH 10,440' camping-yes San Juan Formerly UN 13,832    Formerly UN 13,811    Formerly UN 13,795    Whitecross Mountain    Formerly UN 13454    Formerly UN 13432
Hassell Lake 10,735' camping-yes Front Engelmann Peak    Formerly UN13215
Henson Creek West TH 11,410' camping-yes San Juan Sunshine Mountain    Formerly UN 13093
Kendall Gulch Trailhead 12,260' camping-yes San Juan Kendall Mountain    Formerly UN13066
Lake Hope 10,745' camping-yes San Juan Vermilion Peak    Golden Horn    Fuller Peak    San Miguel Peak    Beattie Peak    Formerly UN 13300 E or "V 8"
Lake Irwin TH 10,610' camping-yes Elks Mount Owen
Leavenworth Ck - Waldorf TH 11,640' camping-yes Front Mount Edwards    Square Top Mountain    Argentine Peak
Lily Lake/Huerfano Creek TH 10,725' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo California Peak    Formerly UN 13,828    Formerly UN 13081
Matterhorn Creek 10,840' camping-yes San Juan Matterhorn Peak    Broken Hill
Middle Fork of the Cimarron River 10,050' camping-yes San Juan UN 13418    UN 13382    Formerly UN 13340 B (G&M)    Formerly UN 13300    Formerly UN 13222 A
New York Creek/Peak 10,100' camping-yes Sawatch
North Fork Clear Creek - Winfield 10,600' camping-yes Sawatch Formerly UN 13,616    Formerly UN 13,531    Formerly UN 13232 A
Ophir Pass - V3 Access 10,200' camping-yes San Juan V 3
Pearl Pass/Twin Lakes Access 10,425' camping-yes Elks Previously UN 13,550    Formerly UN13537    Keefe Peak    Hunter Peak    Hilliard Peak    Formerly UN 13380    Formerly UN 13216    Teocalli Mountain    Formerly UN 13162 A
Peru Creek - Shoe Basin Mine 11,100' camping-yes Front Ruby Mountain    Lenawee Mountain
Pieplant 10,295' camping-yes Sawatch Jenkins Mountain    Grizzly Peak E    Formerly UN 13140 B
Pine Creek TH 8,890' camping-yes Sawatch Emerald Peak
Rock of Ages TH 10,370' camping-yes San Juan (Formerly UN 13540 A)    Big Bear Peak
S. Fork Cement Creek 11,240' camping-yes San Juan Tower Mountain    Formerly UN 13325
Sharkstooth - Hesperus TH 10,935' camping-yes San Juan Hesperus Mountain    Lavender Peak    Mount Moss
South Colony TH 9,900' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo Formerly: UN 13,980    Formerly UN 13,799    Broken Hand Peak    Formerly UN13270    Formerly UN 13020 B
South Fork Animas River TH 10,565' camping-yes San Juan Dome Mountain    Formerly UN 13330
South Fork Lake Creek TH #1 10,560' camping-yes Sawatch Sayres Benchmark    Formerly UN13,460 East
South Halfmoon Creek 10,290' camping-yes Sawatch French Mountain    Casco Peak    Frasco Benchmark
South River Peak 11,620' camping-yes San Juan South River Peak
Stevens Gulch 11,255' camping-yes Front Kelso Mountain
Stewart Creek 10,480' camping-yes San Juan Stewart Peak    Organ Mountain    Baldy Alto
Stony Pass TH 12,590' camping-yes San Juan Canby Mountain    Galena Mountain    Sheep Mountain A    Greenhalgh Mountain    Formerly UN 13165
Tabor Creek 10,290' camping-yes Sawatch
Upper Miller Mesa Trailhead 9,430' camping-yes San Juan Whitehouse Mountain    S. 2    Formerly UN 13100 C
Webster Pass 11,040' camping-yes Front Geneva Peak    Collier Mtn.
Willow Lake Trail #865 8,880' camping-yes Sangre de Cristo Formerly UN 13580 B    Formerly UN 13,546    UN 13543    Formerly UN 13153 B
Woodchopper Creek 10,810' camping-yes Sawatch Formerly UN 13050 B
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