Climbers Gathering

"Climbers Gathering" to be held Friday, Feb. 23 at Camp George West, Bldg. 48 in Golden from 5:30 - 10:00 PM. This informal event is open to the public and intended mostly for Colorado peakbaggers, whether it be 14ers, 13ers or other summits. Please RSVP to: [email protected]. Bring your own food and beverage.



From the Town of Silverton, drive east on the main road through town to where the paved road splits one block past the courthouse and veer right onto the blue-signed County Road 2 (set odometer here) for 4.2 miles of nicely graded dirt road to Howardsville. (On Trails Illustrated map #141, this road is labeled #110. Pavement ends after 2 miles.) From the Howardsville intersection, continue north another 4.3 miles to the old site of Eureka. The road will cross to the west side of the Animas River and continue up a steeper shelf section. It begins to get rockier here. After a short climb, take the road sharply left that heads up into Eureka Gulch. This is BLM4508. ON Google Earth, this is labelled CR25. The turnoff is about a half mile after crossing to the west side of the Animas River. Drive west 1.2 miles to another road that heads off to the left. Follow that road .7 mile as it contours below the main Eureka Gulch Road and crosses Eureka Creek just above its confluence with the South Fork of the Animas. Just a few yards after crossing, the road terminates at an old mine site and a trail takes out in a SW direction from there heading up the drainage.


There may be some primitive camping available at the trailhead coordinates at the old mine site, however, since it's been several years since we visited this location, it's possible that this area has become posted for No Trespassing. If so, search for camping opportunities elsewhere. In general, over the last couple decades, the number of campers in this area of the Animas has increased dramatically making it difficult to find a private spot. There are no designated campgrounds with facilities so be prepared to be self-contained. There is quite a bit of private land to avoid. Between Howardsville and Eureka, there is one large flat area that typically has numerous campers, trailers, etc. parked there. It has become something of an "RV" village. This is across from the Maggie Gulch Road. Also, at Eureka, there's a popular camping area with some scattered trees that will have a number of vehicles and trailers parked there as well. This is on the east side of the river. Best we can do is wish you "good luck" in finding a spot.

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