From Basalt, drive west toward Ruedi Reservoir on CR 104. Drive on around the reservoir and continue east to Thomasville where you'll turn north onto CR 4A.4. This road leads over Crooked Creek Pass to Sylvan Lake State Park and eventually to Eagle. Turning north on the Crooked Creek Pass road, you'll gain lots of altitude on the steep, graded dirt road. About 7 miles up, turn right onto FR 507. Drive 1.6 miles to the trailhead parking for Eagle Lake. The parking area is limited in size and is less than a half mile short of Wood's Lake, which is on private property. This last 1.6 mile section is where a passenger vehicle with better than average clearance is desirable.

You can also drive to the trailhead from Eagle. Exit the interstate for Eagle and drive south into town through the traffic circles. Watch for signs indicating the turn to Sylvan Lake, which is on CR 307. Drive south through town, then SE and back to the south. Pavement ends in about 10 miles. Continue on good quality graded dirt road to Sylvan Lake, staying right at an intersection about 10 miles out of town. You'll then be on FR400. Follow it for another 4 - 5 miles to Sylvan Lake. Continue past the lake, still on FR400. The road becomes rougher now as you drive another 4 miles to the summit of Crooked Creek Pass, then down the other side another 2.5 miles (appx.) to the turnoff for FR 507 to Woods Lake and the Eagle Lake TH. A climbing companion of ours made it across the pass in a passenger vehicle, carefully driven, but you'll likely be more comfortable driving over the pass in a a vehicle with better clearance.


There is no good camping right at the trailhead, however, a short distance before the trailhead, there are a few spots right off the road. There is a very nice camping spot two miles in on the trail after you have passed the private property around Wood's Lake. The next good camping is at Eagle Lake on the north shore and a nice campsite exists on the SE end (inlet area) of Fairview Lake, as well as several other possibilities on the hike to Fairview. Much further away, there are several campgrounds back at Ruedi Reservoir.

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