LoJ: #69 (Pre-LiDAR #71) / 13,916' Emerald Peak

Range › Sawatch Range
Quadrangle › Winfield
Summit Location › Peak Route Icon N 38° 55' 44.83", W 106° 22' 52.14" (Not Field Checked)

Peak Summary

Emerald Peak is a Class 2 hike from the trailhead north of Clohesy Lake. From this start, the 8.5 mile loop hike can be easily completed in a day and will include the unranked Iowa Peak. A side trip to Missouri Mountain is also possible without adding much more elevation gain or distance. The only drawback is reaching the trailhead north of Clohesy Lake. This requires a 4WD or very good high clearance vehicle. Without access to such transportation, the hike would have to begin from near the creek crossing below Rockdale. This would add another 6 miles round-trip plus a wade across Clear Creek.

Emerald may also be combined with a trip up Missouri Gulch from Vicksburg and going over the summit of Missouri before continuing on to Emerald. This route will not be discussed here. 4WD would not be required for this access.

A third option is to backpack in along Pine Creek. This route covers 13.2 miles one-way. It would still be a Class 2 climb as the other possibilities. We will provide some detail about this access as an alternate for those who perhaps want to climb Harvard from Pine Creek along with Emerald. 4WD would not be required for this access.

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