LoJ: #487 (Pre-LiDAR #492) / 13,207' Peak 9

Range › Tenmile Range
Quadrangle › Breckenridge
Summit Location › Peak Route Icon N 39° 27' 06.26", W 106° 06' 19.25" (Not Field Checked)
Neighboring Peaks › Peak Icon Peak 10

Peak Summary

Peaks 9 & 10 above the Breckenridge Ski Area in the Tenmile Range offer easy Class 2 hiking that could make an easy family hike, depending on the vehicle you have to access this area. A 4WD with good clearance can make it all the way to about 12,400 feet where both summits can be knocked off readily in just a couple hours. Passenger vehicles with above average clearance can drive as far as the Peak 9 restaurant at 11,250 where your vehicle can be parked and walking can begin from there. This will add significant mileage and more elevation gain, but the two peaks could still be done as a half day hike that's mostly on high tundra terrain. The most difficult aspect of this hike will be locating FR 751, which is a little tricky to find. Lidar increased elevation by 12 feet.

Peak 9 South Ridge Route

Class 2
Peak Icon Peak Icon
Short Day // A Wee Little Climb
Climbed with Peak 10
RT From FR751 Peaks 9 & 10: 2.85 mi / 1,650'
From Peak 10: 0.70 mi / 415' (One-Way)
  • Trailhead
    • FR751 Peaks 9 & 10 TH

      State Highway 9 passes through the town of Breckenridge. In the town, it becomes Main Street, either North or South. Several years ago a bypass to Main street was put in on the west side of the town that expedited traffic flow to the various bases of the ski area. That bypass is called Park Avenue, either North or South. If coming from Frisco/Dillon on SH 9, at the traffic circle just north of town, exit west from the circle onto North Park Avenue and continue west, then south until you come to a right hand turn for Village Road. This will be where now South Park Avenue begins to make a turn back to the east to rejoin Main Street/SH 9.

      If coming into Breckenridge from the south on SH 9, make a left turn at the "Y" intersection where if you went straight, you would be on the Main Street through town. When you make that left turn, you'll be on South Park Avenue. It's about .2 mile to the left turn onto Village Road.

      For both accesses from either North or South Park Avenue, head west and south on Village Road another .2 mile until you come to Beaver Run/Base Nine area on the left. Turn into a large parking lot. FR 751 begins on the other (south) side of the lot where there are a couple of exits out of the lot onto a dirt road. When you find FR 751, (unmarked in any way & nondescript) head right to begin the drive up the ski mountain. The trailhead coordinates provided are for the place where you exit the parking lot onto FR 751.

      You will pass the Beaver Run Super Chair Lift and the Quicksilver Lift will be just a little farther away. The road briefly follows the Beaver Run Lift, then veers left and passes by the bottom of Lift A. From this point on, the main trick is to stay on the proper road #751 as it switchbacks up the mountain. After .5 mile, stay left. At .8 mile, stay right. At 1.5 miles, stay right again. At 3.0 miles, you'll pass under a lift, then you will come to the Peak 9 restaurant. Most passenger vehicles will be able to make it to this point (however a little extra clearance may help), but past the restaurant, the road turns into rougher condition. If you don't have the proper vehicle, park around the restaurant and begin walking here. If you have either 4WD or a higher clearance vehicle, keep going as the road continues to zigzag its' way into the high basin between Peaks 9 & 10. In 1988, we made it all the way to 12,400 feet elevation in a stock Cherokee. Park in the vicinity of where the road makes a sharp left turn at just below 12,400 ft., or drive just a little farther, crossing the "Wheeler Trail," and park at a short pullout. Coordinates of the Wheeler Trail and nearby parking are: N 39° 27' 10.84" W 106° 05' 41.75". Just to keep things a little sporting, start hiking from here.


      There is no nearby camping. The closest camping will be back towards Frisco and Dillon Res. or south towards Hoosier Pass. The following link will provide information regarding camping near Frisco and Dillon Res: http://www.townofdillon.com/visit/camping-info. For camping south of town, check out the trailheads associated with Crystal, Pacific, Atlantic, Fletcher, Clinton, McNamee & Traver.

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    • From Peak 10

      If beginning at the Peak 9 Restaurant, add 2.0 miles one way (or 4.0 mile RT) to the trip distance provided and an additional 1,350 feet of elevation gain. From the restaurant, walk up FR 751 all the way up to where the Wheeler Trail crosses the road at 12,400 feet. This is where parking is suggested for 4WD vehicles to begin the hike. From the restaurant, the road passes through more of the open ski terrain, goes into a brief section of forest, then breaks out onto the open tundra/grass landscape above tree line. From the Wheeler Trail crossing, the terrain remains open tundra/grass for some distance with one area of willows that the road avoids. Just keep following FR 751 as it heads SSE and begins ascending the north slope of the east ridge of Peak 10. The upper half of this road to the Briar Rose Mine will have a series of 9 switchbacks. By the time you reach that stretch, the terrain changes over from the tundra/grass to more rubble, scree and talus. Once the road gains the east ridge of Peak 10, it will contour around briefly on the south side of the ridge as it heads west and then terminates at a structure. From there, continue west up the rocky ridge to the summit with no significant problems. This is just basic Class 2 hiking.

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    Route Info Peak 9 South Ridge

    Route Description

    Year Climbed: 1988

    Peak 9 is sequenced with Peak 10. One-way mileage and elevation gain are measured from the summit of Peak 10.

    From the summit of Peak 10, head north, walking down the ridge that connects over to Peak 9. The initial descent will be over boulder-like talus and rubble that will slow progress. If you're trying to set a speed record for closing this circuit hike, this is the stretch that will slow you. The drop to the saddle is a loss of 850 feet in elevation. Once you reach the saddle, the terrain changes back to a far more welcome tundra with minor amounts of scree. Most any rubble can be avoided. Continue north, up ridge to the summit. When you arrive at the summit, you'll enjoy an outstanding view of the ski area below to the east and of the Gore Range to the NW and some of Copper Mountain.

    For the descent, simply walk down along the east ridge of the peak on mostly tundra with some minor scree. Just make a beeline, either back to your vehicle parked along FR 751 or connect with that road and walk back down to the Peak 9 Restaurant.

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