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From I-7-, either west or east bound, take the exit for Colorado 91 and Cooper Mountain. Drive south on 91 just a short distance and turn west onto the boulevard drive for Copper Mountain. Continue west past one large parking area, through a traffic circle and shortly after that, to another parking area on the north side of the road. Park here. Walk west along the road a short distance and then turn north, passing the Union Creek Village area and the bottom of the two lifts and choose a ski run to begin heading up on. 


There is no camping in the immediate vicinity. The best possibilities close by are: 1. Mayflower Gulch a few miles south and up SH91 or 2. the Black Lakes at the top of Vail Pass. For the Black Lakes, take the exit at the top of Vail Pass and then drive north on a side road that leads down to the Black Lakes. While there is no campground here, you may be able to park in a vehicle overnight. Mayflower Gulch offers no campground either but you can drive the road up the gulch and select a place to either car camp or set up a tent. 

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