LoJ: #360 (Pre-LiDAR #334) / 13,348' Bartlett Mountain

Range › Tenmile Range
Quadrangle › Copper Mountain
Summit Location › Peak Route Icon N 39° 22' 43.92", W 106° 09' 36.37" (Not Field Checked)

Peak Summary

Bartlett Mountain on the original USGS map of 1970 (Copper Mountain Quad) had a measured elevation of 13,555 ft. Over the decades, the mining activity has reduced the elevation of that summit by over 150 feet. Using Google Earth, the highest elevation we could obtain was 13, 384 ft. This is obtained from a 2015 image. Roach estimated the elevation to be 13,400 ft., a figure that has "stuck" and has been reflected on several sites including LoJ until new Lidar measurements were implemented. While G&M included Bartlett as a ranked summit in their first edition of "Colorado's High Thirteeners," by the third edition, they had chosen to eliminate Bartlett from their list of ranked summits. Does Bartlett still qualify as a ranked summit? Our answer is yes based on GE measurements and Lidar. The saddle between Bartlett and Clinton measures to be about 12,900 ft., so Bartlett technically qualifies still because it rises more than 300 feet above that saddle. But one other thing to consider, the Climax Mine is still currently in operation and so the summit elevation may be subject to further change. Lastly, we remind all peakbaggers that Bartlett Mtn. resides entirely on property owned by the Climax Mine and is therefore off-limits. Newest Lidar elevation is now 13,348 ft.

Bartlett Mtn. North Ridge Route

Class 3
Medium Day // Take a Lunch
  • Trailhead
    • Clinton Reservoir TH

      From the I-70 - Copper Mountain interchange, take Colorado State Highway 91 south in the direction of Fremont Pass. It's about 7.5 miles south to Clinton Reservoir where there are two parking areas on either corner of the reservoir, just off the highway. You can't miss the reservoir from the highway.

      If coming from Leadville, drive north through town on US 24 to the Us 24/SH 91 intersection. Continue north on SH 91 for 15.6 miles to the parking at Clinton Reservoir, passing the Climax Mine operation and topping out over Fremont Pass.

      Note that the 1970 USGS Copper Mountain quad does not show Clinton Reservoir. It was put in after that date. The reservoir is open to public use and there are "fishermen" trails that appear to encircle it. The terrain up valley from the reservoir is clogged with willows and bogs. It appears to us that anywhere past the reservoir and on the south side of Clinton Creek is privately held, presumably by the Climax Mine and its' holding company.


      The closest primitive campsites are 1.5 mile north on SH 91 at the road that turns east for Mayflower Gulch. There are a few possible overnight sites up that road. Otherwise, there are no close-by national forest campgrounds.

      Campsite Locations

      Mayflower Gulch › N 39° 25' 49.49", W 106° 09' 56.07"
      10,970 elevation
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    The Climax Molybdenum Mine was opened in 1915 - 1916 and remained in operation until 1987 when it was temporarily closed. In 2007, the holding company announced its' intent to re-open the mine but a molybdenum price crash delayed that re-opening until May of 2012 when operations resumed. As of February 2018, the mine is in operation. Bartlett Mountain and Little Bartlett lay entirely within the private property of the Climax Mine. A public website such as this obviously cannot advocate for the violation of private property or encourage such, thus no actual route is posted for Bartlett. There are several internet reports that can be found of climbs on Bartlett if you wish to do additional research, but keep in mind that many of those reports date back to the time the mine was closed and not in operation between 1987 and 2012. If you attempt to climb this peak, do so at your own risk which can include stiff monetary fines for violation of private property. If you read something concerning the teetering, decaying summit block of Bartlett, believe it! That is what gives this summit its' Class 3+ rating.

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