LoJ: #71 (Pre-LiDAR #70) / 13,911' Red Mountain

Quadrangle › Culebra Peak
Summit Location › Peak Route Icon N 37° 06' 44.51", W 105° 10' 52.10" (Not Field Checked)

Peak Summary

Red Mountain is a summit located a little south of the 14er, Culebra Peak. Both are located on private property, which over the years has made access difficult if not impossible at times. In August of 2017, the property changed hands again. Leading up to that exchange, the ranch was being called the "Cielo Vista Ranch." Before that, most referred to it as the "Taylor Ranch." To reach Red Mountain, most climbers will likely summit Culebra first, then make the short run over to Red Mtn. For what you pay to climb Culebra, if the new owners are allowing access, you may as well climb Red. The hike over from Culebra is a Class 2, rocky, rubbly walk. The "Four-way" trailhead is accessible by passenger vehicles with better than average clearance so some crossover types may be able to make it. The owners state that 4WD or AWD are required to make the Four-way intersection. The upper trailhead, if access is allowed would be better driven in something with higher clearance. Access to these peaks will all depend on the policies of the owner. The following link will provide most of the information you will need: https://www.cielo-vista-ranch.info/product/hiking/

For 2024, the cost of climbing Culebra and Red Mountain together is $150. Reservations must be made in advance as well as payment, online at the link above. Access times are strictly adhered to. No climbers are allowed after the end of July. Pets are NOT ALLOWED. Please follow all rules so that access to these summits can be maintained.

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