Climbers Gathering

"Climbers Gathering" to be held Friday, Feb. 23 at Camp George West, Bldg. 48 in Golden from 5:30 - 10:00 PM. This informal event is open to the public and intended mostly for Colorado peakbaggers, whether it be 14ers, 13ers or other summits. Please RSVP to: [email protected]. Bring your own food and beverage.



For either a driving approach on CO145 from Lizard Head Pass or CO62/CO145 Placerville, follow CO145 1.8 miles west from the CO145 junction (traffic circle) referred to by many as "Society Turn/Junction." You'll be following the segment of CO145 that leads into Telluride. At 1.8 miles, turn north (left) onto FR637, a graded dirt road. Follow that road .75 mile to a switchback with some limited parking. This is the trailhead for Eider Creek. Overnight camping here would only be possible in a vehicle. There's really no room for a tent, but 7 - 8 vehicles can fit here. Continue along the dirt road another 1.0 mile, passing 3 other camp spots on the left (none very large or level and can only fit one vehicle) to the Mill Creek TH which is just before a locked gate and ponds above. There is very limited parking here along the road and one small pullout. The trail is on the north side of the road, about 50 yards back from the gate. This trail is considered a "short-cut" to the Deep Creek Trail and will also intersect the "Sneffels Highline Trail." There is no toilet available here and no privacy. Make plans accordingly. A wag bag would be good to have.


The land around the trailhead is largely private property. We do not recommend attempting to camp there. There are no facilities. There is no camping available in this immediate area unless you pack in for a ways. Some people manage to find room to set up a tent along the side of the road at or near the trailhead. Most just vehicle camp. This can be a very busy trailhead on Friday nights. At-large camping anywhere near Telluride is difficult to come by and generally not allowed. The nearest campground is located along HWY145 about 5 miles south from "Society Junction." That's the "Sunshine" Campground and it is Forest Service maintained with fee. You may be able to find some at-large spots on 63J south of Illium or back along HWY145 before climbing the big hill into the Telluride Valley. There are several at-large spots along the highway, but be careful of private property. There is also a campground located on the east end of the town at the town park. Campsites are available on a first-come-first-served basis. These links offer more information:
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