From Durango, CO, drive west on US160 to the turnoff on the north side of the highway for CR124. This will come just after the intersection for CO140 and after crossing the La Plata River. Drive north on CR124. At 4.5 miles, the pavement ends and the road becomes good quality graded gravel. At 5.0 miles, you'll pass the first camping area. At 5.6 miles will be the Snowslide CG with sites on both sides of the road. At 6.1 miles will be the Kroeger CG. At 6.4 is the Miners Cabin CG. In 2012, we stayed at this one. At 7.5 miles is the La Plata City Dispersed CG. At 8.2 miles, you will come to FR794 and Boren Creek. Park along the main road (CR124) or drive up FR794 just a little and park out of the way where you can find a spot. When we were last here in 2012, ATV's and similar vehicles could have driven much farther up this road, however, it appeared to not be receiving maintenance any longer due to fallen logs across the road we encounter farther up.

For those who might want to access Tomahawk Basin because of its proximity to the north side of Babcock and Hesperus, Moss and Lavender, here are some additional directions: From Boren Creek, continue north on CR124. Immediately after crossing Boren Creek, the road becomes much more rough, however, clearance was not much of an issues and we saw several passenger type vehicle continuing this way. You'll just want to take it slow. We would advise having a cross-over type vehicle with some better clearance. At 8.6 miles, there will be a sign indicating you're entering private land. At 8.7, there's an old stone chimney on the side of the road. At 8.9, there's a turnoff for a private residence. At 9.8 miles, there was a blocked road that we believe led to the old Lewis CG. At 10.4 miles, FR798 turns off to the left for Tomahawk Basin. This turnoff is easy to miss. IF you come to a small campground with a sign that refers to it as "Darby," you have driven past the turnoff for Tomahawk. The Darby CG has two sites, at best. The second site is difficult to reach in your vehicle because of the road condition. There are no facilities at this site other than a grated campfire ring.

This same CR124 continues all the way up into Cumberland Basin. At the intersection where FR498 turns off to the right and heads into Columbus Basin on the north side of Lewis Peak, there' are a couple small primitive sites here. Continue up the main road another tenth of a mile and there's a very nice campsite on the right in the trees.


The main campgrounds that show on the San Juan National Forest map are the Snowslide and the Kroeger. We have listed others above. Beyond those listed, we did not really see any other primitive sites. There is a lot of private property along this road, so please don't presume that an apparent open spot is free for the taking. Please respect private property rights.

Campsite Locations

Primitive Site › N 37° 26' 36.66", W 108° 01' 43.86"
This site is just beyond the turnoff for Columbus Basin, so is getting near the head of Cumberland Basin.
Miner's Cabin › N 37° 22' 51.52", ,W 108° 04' 39.04"
Elevation 8,950 ft.
Snowslide CG › N 37° 22' 15.28", W 108° 04' 41.55"
8,840 ft. elevation
Kroeger CG › N 37° 22' 34.76", W 108° 04' 36.10"
8,905 Ft. elevation
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