This trailhead is passenger car accessible in most conditions. Only the last tenth or two of a mile gets any rougher, so parking back a ways from the trailhead will not increase length significantly if you're unable to make it to the end of the road.

This trailhead lies in a complicated subdivision with numerous roads that wind all over the place. The route we provide here is the simplest and most direct way in we could find. From the main intersection of US 285 and SH 9 at Fairplay, head north on SH 9, being careful not to exceed the town's speed limit. At 3.1 mile from the intersection cited above, turn left onto County Road 1. Reset odometer here. This road generally heads west and NW before reaching a place where it will abruptly make a turn to the south, go west a little more, then south again to cross Pennsylvania Creek. Any intersections encountered before here, you should just proceed straight through.

Just after crossing Pennsylvania Creek, at 3.8 miles from SH 9 , turn right onto Valley of the Sun Rd. (aka: CR14A). Go west 1 mile to a switchback & intersection. Total mileage to here is 4.8. Go up and around the switchback and you'll then be on Bobcat Lane heading SE. In 900 feet, make a left turn to stay on Bobcat Lane. The road heads more to the south. At 6.3 from SH 9, turn right onto Mountain View Drive, which is at the crest of a ridge. Proceed another 1.4 mile past private properties to the end of the road and park. An old single-track road heading off to the NW is the trail to begin on.


There is private property all the way in on the drive to the trailhead. We would not recommend camping in this area. You could possibly "car camp" at the trailhead, but there would be no privacy because of residential dwellings close by. If you don't mind packing in some gear a short distance, you could walk up the trail a bit and find a place to pitch a tent. There's plenty of level ground.

The closest National Forest Campgrounds are the Horseshoe and Fourmile CG's located up CR 18 which leads to the trailhead for Mt. Sherman. CR 18 is south of the US 285/SH9 intersection in Fairplay by about 1.4 mile. You'll need to turn left onto CR18 to reach these campgrounds. Those campgrounds are typically full on summer weekends. If you attempt to camp at-large anywhere else in the vicinity, please respect private property.

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