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LoJ: #376 (Pre-LiDAR #368) / 13,322' De Anza Peak De Anza B

Quadrangle › El Valle Creek
Summit Location › Peak Route Icon N 37° 13' 27.06", W 105° 09' 32.54" (Not Field Checked)

Peak Summary

De Anza Peak B as best we can tell may be considered to be on the private property of the Cielo Vista Ranch, and/or, the summit may be a dividing line for the Cielo Vista and Trinchera Blanca Ranch. De Anza Peak (B) is a mostly easy Class 1 & 2 hike along its southern ridge with an approach from Whiskey Pass, or a Class 2 hike along its northern ridge from Mariquita Peak. The hike from the car park below Whiskey Pass up to Whiskey Pass will be the toughest part coming in at perhaps Class 2+ depending on the exact route taken. Access from Whiskey Pass is the most likely way to reach De Anza legally, but the cost may be steep and a 4WD vehicle will be needed regardless of how you approach this summit. Lidar measurements reduced the elevation by 11 feet.

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