From the intersection of US160 and CO15 in the middle of Monte Vista, drive south on CO15 for approximately 15.7 miles through and past the Monte Vista National Wildlife Area to where CO15 intersects CR125 (to the east side of CO15) and County Road Ff on the west side. Go west on CRFf. The road heads due straight west, then begins to turn more to the SW as it heads out of the valley and into the hills. Follow it for about 10.7 miles to an intersection on the north shore of Terrace Reservoir. Turn right (west) and follow along the Alamosa River on FR250. Follow this road for many miles as it first generally heads NW, then gradually turns to the SW. At these coordinates: N 37° 23" 04.65" W 106° 34' 00.31" stay right. Go another 2,100 feet to yet another intersection. Bear right again unless you're planning on camping at the Stunner CG which is the road that bears right. To continue to the trailhead, keep heading SW on what has now become FR380. Follow it uphill through four quick switchbacks, cross Iron Creek and arrive at De Nolde and Annella Lakes. The proper road stays on the north side of the lakes. The FR380 turns off to the right and climbs in 4 miles to Elwood Pass. Don't take that road. Stay left and continue west on FR243 past Lake Annella. The road will deteriorate some but is still passable in 2010 to most passenger vehicles. In 3 more miles, the road ends at Treasure Creek. This is the trailhead.


One could vehicle camp at the trailhead. A short distance back is a track that heads down toward the creek on the left where there's some camping possibilities. There's a couple other tracks that lead off to primitive campsites at these coordinates: N 37° 22' 25.05" W 106° 38' 08.27". There's also primitive camping back at the two lakes - De Nolde and Annella. The closest National Forest CG is the Stunner CG which is very small and has minimal facilities. This informal campground has five sites for tent camping, no water and a vault toilet. Stream water is close by. The site is very flat. There is no fee charged and no reservations are taken.

Campsite Locations

Stunner › N 37° 22' 38.95", W 106° 34' 25.21"
Elevation 9,850 ft.
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