LoJ: #632 (Pre-LiDAR: #) / 13,005' Overlook Point Formerly 12,998

Range › San Juan Range
Quadrangle › Mountain View Crest
Summit Location › N 37° 35’ 01.2”, W 107° 40’ 34.6” (Not Field Checked)
Neighboring Peaks › Peak Icon Aztec Mountain Peak Icon Mount Valois

Peak Summary

Overlook Point was considered the highest 12er in Colorado prior to Lidar re-evaluation which added seven feet in elevation, making this a ranked 13er. A moderately long but pleasant hike through mostly tundra country with abundant wildflowers leads to this Class 2 summit that offers a stunning view looking down into Needle Creek and the Chicago Basin area with the three 14ers located at the head. Access to the trailhead requires a lengthy drive on mostly graded dirt road from out of Durango.

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