LoJ: #439 (Pre-LiDAR: #) / 13,252' Peak Eight

Range › San Juan Range
Quadrangle › Storm King Peak

Peak Summary

Peak Eight is a "new" 13er discovered by Lidar research which added 24 feet in elevation in 2022. While the most direct approach from the Vallecito Creek side would be to go up Stormy Gulch (Trinity Creek), in 2022, we found that the first mile or more of the trail after crossing Vallecito Creek to have been obliterated by beetle-kill deadfall and resulting lush, tall vegetation obscuring any possible route up the gulch. he better approach now may be the Leviathan Creek trail (non-maintained as well), and hiking up to the saddle between Peaks Eight and Nine and swinging around to the north face of Peak Eight to gain the rocky couloir that breaks across the north face. This is the least technical route to the summit coming in at a Class 3. For most all parties, a backpack trip will be required to reach this summit.

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