LoJ: #637 (Pre-LiDAR: #) / 13,000' "Peak R" Formerly UN 12,995

Range › Gore Range
Quadrangle › Vail East
Summit Location › N 39° 43' 16.15", W 106° 16' 38.15" (Not Field Checked)
Neighboring Peaks › Peak Icon "Formerly UN13,230"

Peak Summary

A Class 2+ summit ascent that can be paired with Peak Q/"Prisoner Peak" at the headwaters of Slate Creek in the Gore Range. For most, this will require a backpack trip and though Peak L (Necklace Peak) is not a direct neighbor, it lies in the same area and should also be climbed if at all possible. There are two possible trailheads on the east side of the Gore for this trip. The one we recommend requires a 4WD access. Peak R was listed on the USGS map as 12,995 ft. Lidar has placed it into the ranks of the 13ers, barely, with an elevation of 13,000 ft. Google Earth does not even come close with a maximum elevation of 12,890 ft.

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