LoJ: #635 (Pre-LiDAR: #) / 13,003' UN 13003 Formerly UN 12990

Range › San Juan Range
Quadrangle › Pole Creek Mountain
Summit Location › Peak Route Icon N 37° 50' 58.88", W 107° 29' 40.81" (Not Field Checked)
Neighboring Peaks › Peak Icon UN 13164 Peak Icon Half Peak

Peak Summary

A Class 2 ascent with an approach that is best made in 4WD with good clearance up Cuba Gulch and a trail that gets lost in willows for a while before re-emerging in tundra terrain. The USGS Pole Creek map shows elevation as 12,990 ft. Lidar has placed it into the ranks of the 13ers with an elevation of 13,003 ft.

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