The approach for South Lookout, V.5 and possibly V.2 involves driving up the Clear Lake Road to Clear Lake. The turnoff for this road is provided in the trailhead directions with GPS coordinates. It's about 3.9 - to 4.0 miles in from the turnoff for the South Mineral Campground from US 550 and turns off to the right if heading west. Drive up the road for .9 mile to a switchback. There's room for a few vehicles to park here for access to the "upper" trail into Ice Lake Basin. For Clear Lake, continue driving up the road. For the most part, the road is in good condition. Most any stock 4WD should be able to handle it and some lower-slung all-wheel drive vehicles may also be able to navigate. There's a total of 8 switchbacks in the trees. At the last two, there are some camping possibilities, but weekends may find even these taken. Higher up, above tree line, there are 4 more switchbacks to gain the basin at lake level. There's some parking at the lake and another parking area at the mouth of the basin and just west of V.5. Driving the road may take a half hour or longer depending on how much you want to beat up your shocks.


There are some camping possibilities on the last two switchbacks along the road while still in the trees. There is also some room to camp at the lake, but no trees.
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