This approach description can be used for either foot travel or vehicle. It begins from the four cabins that comprise "Rockdale." Follow the driving instructions for access to Winfield, but before driving all the way into Winfield, turn left at about 9.8 miles in from US 24 on CR390, onto the unmarked road that leads past the cabins and drops down to Clear Creek. This is FR381. If you're in a passenger car, there's some room to park before the creek crossing. Whether on foot or 4WD, ford Clear Creek. The earlier in the season you do this, the more dangerous. We've crossed before around the 4th of July with water trying to come in at the doors of our Jeep Cherokee. Wading can be a real challenge. Being swept away, even in a vehicle is quite possible. Once across, it's about 3 miles straight south to the trailhead parking at 10,880 ft. In the past, this road was never a very difficult 4WD route, but over the years since we have visited, it's not difficult to surmise that it has deteriorated. Please respect the private property ahead that's situated around Clohesy Lake and follow the designated trails. Trailhead coordinates are: N 38° 57' 15.48" W 106° 24' 32.64"


There is plenty of room at the trailhead for at-large camping, but be sure and respect private property. Back out on CR390, there are numerous spots all along the drive in from US24.

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